For a beggar what is a lottery ??? Finding a penny in the waste heaps ..isn’t it.. I think it is.. For a man who is begging for mercy from the cruelty of the world , is it a penny from the waste heaps???? I don’t think so. It is an idea on which he can rely upon. A strong belief in which that person can stand until his end by the assurance that he will not fall. My mother country is lacking that same assurance which should be given to her citizens in order to face all the odds.. Here I am a beggar, u r a beggar, politicians are beggars whose condition is really pitiful,in my place even gods are beggars… Everyone begs for someone else’s actions. A place of beggars filled with crooked agendas of making others suffer. No one realizes that just like the others they are also mere beggars . begging for a better life. I wanted to write the word wanting instead of begging throughout this post but I found it too pitiful when we think about our socio-political is not to hurt anyone’s feelings but if it does I am extremely sorry . as a citizen of this country (India ) I can’t sit without writing against the nonsense which is happening around us.