I used to wonder why normal  people are getting hammered down by those who have the upper hand in the society .Be it politics, be it any other social institutions where everyone should be considered equal, even in this twenty first century we face the great odds of caste based discrimination. I was hoping on writing a post about the situations faced ie, the brutal reality faced by the people of an asian country like India . A global outlook to thus problem haven’t seen yet. These days everyone is desperately trying to settle international disputes and so called agendas are being put into effect to abolish terrorism and all. No country is thinking about the social evil of discrimination inside them. I am from India and that is why I am taking the Indian example for this situation.Discrimination in each and every tiers can be seen here. My fellow readers think about a day when all of us starts fighting each other because of som petty disputes. This high level division will mark our end one day unless we do something . I have heard a saying when I was very young that do not say or ask about a man’s caste because it is rude . In my India people are fighting each other in these days of what we call civilized ages just because of these caste . Think about this in a global level because it is time to realize that we are not flourishing but only failing to keep our values.