When is it gonna happen again. The festival of lights(do not misunderstand it with the diwali my readers..)here in my place it is the karthika ..I was just going through some of the photos that I have took at different occasions and found one which is a favourite to me and just thought of sharing it with you… But at the same time I am wondering that till when people will really stick on to these traditions and all. It is being faded by time .. I wonder whether I will get another chance to light the lamps with my family members in my courtyard rather than staying at somewhere busy in our daily routine … Ha ha ha. Feels like everything’s coming to and end.. Our ways , our culture and everything ..I was just sitting alone  and this strange thought came to my head..ha ha. Think about the culture , your culture which us being lost just because of the reason that we do not have time to attend to anything..think ..