No  other meteorological phenomenon has  captivated human mind like the rains.Universally loved by all(sometimes hated during extreme conditions like floods).but the rains are always a tempation for those who love. for those who love life more than everything else. for a man who loves,, she is his love too.. it was my loving sissy who gave me this cute idea to write something about rain which we usually see around us these days. for me and my sister rain is a celebration of life too. all of life’s miseries and pains are washed out by her presence. from my personal experience ,, rains make me love everything .. some says it is nothing but a natural occuring but the beauty of it lies within. only thise who have a heart is able to realise what she is trying to say or what she is trying to show us. an artist’s idea about rain is what we can consider as a  beautiful picturisation of real love..hahahaha.. my readerss.. i have slightly gone from rain to love in a matter of words..
words are incapable to express the feelings that are infused in us. by the rains.
A human being can make everyone else near them feel contended only if they hide themselves under a facade of masks.
Rain beguiles every human by imitating their feelings.For a depressed person the drops of water falling from the skies are the tears swelling in their hearts.rains comfort them.
for a seed buried deep in the ground,rain is the life giver or rain is its god.
For a lover rain is their companion whom they want to embrace.The falling rain drops may hurt them but love is the only pain they have.
A musician can only hear the rhythm of nature during the rains.What he hears is the symphony created by the fallen drops . for a man of dreams and who is happy she is his happy companion. she laughs with him, sharing his happiness. for a man filled with rage rain is the storm in his heart.
there is no pleasure like enjoying an ice stick in the rains.the shivers and the coldness inside out is something wonderful which no mere words can describe , only those who have done it in their life will know the beauty
of that moments.
Rains continue to fool everyone by wearing multiple masks.what we see in the rains is a mirror image of the emotions that we are going through. the fault may be in ourselves after all.we see what our mind wants us to see.
we were talking about rain, weren’t we?
She is just water falling in drops condensed from vapour in the atmosphere,nothing else.