It has been a long time , almost a week since I have written something. Sudden mood swings are a pretty damn problem which a normal teenager like me faces these days. And while wondering about this I decided to write something about it , our own senseless self. A child’s viewpoint of life, the only extravagant and colorful portrayal of life without sense as I said earlier. I don’t know how many of my readers will agree to this idea of senseless approach on life, because most of the older generation find it immature or thinks that it is immature how a teenager view his life. At this point my argument arises, which I was constantly asking myself!!!.. How can we say that these so called perceptions and points of the adults as the right ones or to say it is the ones we should follow in our life. How can one say that he or she is right or wrong ??? How can one say that life is not this but it is in such and such can someone like me argue that life is nothing but a string of order less events happening in a bunch which makes no sense. Just like I said earlier , it is senseless.. Even now while I am writing this post I don’t know or I don’t feel that I am in the right path ie, whether I am writing just what I felt about life or am I writing what I should write. A confused state of conscience is what I am experiencing and I could use some help from my readers..cheers..