… Again i was out for a long period from my blog my readers.. My mind was disturbed and was not able to concentrate in anything.. Right now I am back with a small episode in my life which touched me a lot.. Hope that my readers will respond to it. ..
The mind is always asking questions to our self, whether to do something or not to. It is the one common thing which all humans possess ie, our craving for such answers. Answers which lies deep inside our hearts which even we ourselves can’t see or offer to make solutions to our problems. I always wondered how I saw or to say realised the idea of love.!! It is something which comes along with compassion, commitment, sentiment and an innate feel which describes ourselves. (My readers may have different opinions πŸ™‚ , but while I am writing this I am going through a difficult phase of bitter  reality which is making me think twice and is forcing me to ask questions to myself just like I said in the beginning.. For a man like me , love is one of the key elements of survival, just like air and water it is the powering source of our humaneness.
Last day I saw a man crying right in front of me (he was a bit drunk actually) but I realised his tears were true. He was an old fortune teller sort of guy who wanders from place to place visiting temples. I was sitting near a festive carnival which was going on in my place, he just came to me in a sudden and asked me whether he could get 20 rupees to have tea. As a common man I along with my friend who was sitting beside me gave him the sum he asked for and then he just held onto my friend’s hands and started saying his fortune.

At one point the person said about the love of my friend to his father and that was the moment when his eyes filled with tears, he said to us that he too had a son whom he loved so much. He tried so hard and worked so hard throughout his age and gave good education for his son , he helped him to get a secure job and he went abroad. He was working in a company in the middle east as a supervisor of some sort . I didn’t realize why he was crying while saying that but when he said what happened in his life , even my eyes got wet too. This so called some of his after getting a job and after marrying a girl which he loved started to avoid his father ie, the old man. He used to call his wife from abroad but he never called or contacted the man who spent all his life and effort for his son’s well being. He never asked , are u well papa or anything like that. Holding my friend’s hands the mans tears touched his feet and I didn’t knew what I would say to him. I didn’t knew what answer I could give him so that he may feel a bit better.

The ugly truth of life , that a man whether he is a father or a brother or a benefactor in any ways , as people change or I can say as the status changes our mindset also changes. Life is nothing but a selfish episode for people like that. When that man asked me that , my son (yes, he called me son) why is he not calling me and just asking me that appa, are u OK ?? Are you doing good at home ??. I too didn’t had answers. He made me think about me n my family. That man helped me to see the bitterness that every father is willing to face in their life. He made me realize what we can give to our parents as their loving children..