It was a real quick plan that the five of us decided to go for a trip to “munnar”(high range tourist spot in the state of Kerala) . The scenic beauty of our lovely gods own country was not the thing which made our minds to go for the trip. It was 3 days before I went on this trip with my friends , not only my friends but my best beloved ones. A feeling of oneness and love flowed through our veins and what to say the days were simply awesome. Our main aim was to find a spot in munnar which all of us together had visited when we all went on a school excursion. That was 8 years back and we succeeded in that. That is why I have posted the title ” nostalgia ” . having wonderful and crazy friends who loved travelling and who loved each other is really a beautiful feel.
  The coldness and chill of the air , the heat of my loving coffee and everything else made our travel a memorable one. The love of friendship is something incomparable with any other things in the world. To have friends who know what you will think, what you will say and how you will act is just like seeing your own reflection in a mirror.
Proud and lucky to have such awesome bunch of friends.I will also be posting a picture taken by myself of the other 4 crazy lads who was with me in this trip. I am writing this post just to make u feel how special friends are in your life and how crazy your life will be if your friends are as I said earlier , reflections of yours.