It was a real quick plan that the five of us decided to go for a trip to “munnar”(high range tourist spot in the state of Kerala) . The scenic beauty of our lovely gods own country was not the thing which made our minds to go for the trip. It was 3 days before I went on this trip with my friends , not only my friends but my best beloved ones. A feeling of oneness and love flowed through our veins and what to say the days were simply awesome. Our main aim was to find a spot in munnar which all of us together had visited when we all went on a school excursion. That was 8 years back and we succeeded in that. That is why I have posted the title ” nostalgia ” . having wonderful and crazy friends who loved travelling and who loved each other is really a beautiful feel.
  The coldness and chill of the air , the heat of my loving coffee and everything else made our travel a memorable one. The love of friendship is something incomparable with any other things in the world. To have friends who know what you will think, what you will say and how you will act is just like seeing your own reflection in a mirror.
Proud and lucky to have such awesome bunch of friends.I will also be posting a picture taken by myself of the other 4 crazy lads who was with me in this trip. I am writing this post just to make u feel how special friends are in your life and how crazy your life will be if your friends are as I said earlier , reflections of yours.




The unanswered questions..

… Again i was out for a long period from my blog my readers.. My mind was disturbed and was not able to concentrate in anything.. Right now I am back with a small episode in my life which touched me a lot.. Hope that my readers will respond to it. ..
The mind is always asking questions to our self, whether to do something or not to. It is the one common thing which all humans possess ie, our craving for such answers. Answers which lies deep inside our hearts which even we ourselves can’t see or offer to make solutions to our problems. I always wondered how I saw or to say realised the idea of love.!! It is something which comes along with compassion, commitment, sentiment and an innate feel which describes ourselves. (My readers may have different opinions ๐Ÿ™‚ , but while I am writing this I am going through a difficult phase of bitter  reality which is making me think twice and is forcing me to ask questions to myself just like I said in the beginning.. For a man like me , love is one of the key elements of survival, just like air and water it is the powering source of our humaneness.
Last day I saw a man crying right in front of me (he was a bit drunk actually) but I realised his tears were true. He was an old fortune teller sort of guy who wanders from place to place visiting temples. I was sitting near a festive carnival which was going on in my place, he just came to me in a sudden and asked me whether he could get 20 rupees to have tea. As a common man I along with my friend who was sitting beside me gave him the sum he asked for and then he just held onto my friend’s hands and started saying his fortune.

At one point the person said about the love of my friend to his father and that was the moment when his eyes filled with tears, he said to us that he too had a son whom he loved so much. He tried so hard and worked so hard throughout his age and gave good education for his son , he helped him to get a secure job and he went abroad. He was working in a company in the middle east as a supervisor of some sort . I didn’t realize why he was crying while saying that but when he said what happened in his life , even my eyes got wet too. This so called some of his after getting a job and after marrying a girl which he loved started to avoid his father ie, the old man. He used to call his wife from abroad but he never called or contacted the man who spent all his life and effort for his son’s well being. He never asked , are u well papa or anything like that. Holding my friend’s hands the mans tears touched his feet and I didn’t knew what I would say to him. I didn’t knew what answer I could give him so that he may feel a bit better.

The ugly truth of life , that a man whether he is a father or a brother or a benefactor in any ways , as people change or I can say as the status changes our mindset also changes. Life is nothing but a selfish episode for people like that. When that man asked me that , my son (yes, he called me son) why is he not calling me and just asking me that appa, are u OK ?? Are you doing good at home ??. I too didn’t had answers. He made me think about me n my family. That man helped me to see the bitterness that every father is willing to face in their life. He made me realize what we can give to our parents as their loving children..

The only flower..

She was the one , the only flower
That filled my heart with power,
The power that flowed and flowed
Till it made my world..

My life  was her, the only flower
Who paved my roads of passion
The skillfull hand of artist’s,
Which moulded up my vision..

The lonely flower which blossomed
All the time for myself ,
Through the darkest routes of life where,
Love is nothing but a lie – a big fat lie.

She was my flower, my only flower
Who gave her life for mine
Who backed out on all else , so that
I’ll be hers forever,,
But, Were I ?? Will I ?? Lies there unanswered..


It has been a long time , almost a week since I have written something. Sudden mood swings are a pretty damn problem which a normal teenager like me faces these days. And while wondering about this I decided to write something about it , our own senseless self. A child’s viewpoint of life, the only extravagant and colorful portrayal of life without sense as I said earlier. I don’t know how many of my readers will agree to this idea of senseless approach on life, because most of the older generation find it immature or thinks that it is immature how a teenager view his life. At this point my argument arises, which I was constantly asking myself!!!.. How can we say that these so called perceptions and points of the adults as the right ones or to say it is the ones we should follow in our life. How can one say that he or she is right or wrong ??? How can one say that life is not this but it is in such and such can someone like me argue that life is nothing but a string of order less events happening in a bunch which makes no sense. Just like I said earlier , it is senseless.. Even now while I am writing this post I don’t know or I don’t feel that I am in the right path ie, whether I am writing just what I felt about life or am I writing what I should write. A confused state of conscience is what I am experiencing and I could use some help from my readers..cheers..

The drops of deception…

No  other meteorological phenomenon has  captivated human mind like the rains.Universally loved by all(sometimes hated during extreme conditions like floods).but the rains are always a tempation for those who love. for those who love life more than everything else. for a man who loves,, she is his love too.. it was my loving sissy who gave me this cute idea to write something about rain which we usually see around us these days. for me and my sister rain is a celebration of life too. all of life’s miseries and pains are washed out by her presence. from my personal experience ,, rains make me love everything .. some says it is nothing but a natural occuring but the beauty of it lies within. only thise who have a heart is able to realise what she is trying to say or what she is trying to show us. an artist’s idea about rain is what we can consider as a  beautiful picturisation of real love..hahahaha.. my readerss.. i have slightly gone from rain to love in a matter of words..
words are incapable to express the feelings that are infused in us. by the rains.
A human being can make everyone else near them feel contended only if they hide themselves under a facade of masks.
Rain beguiles every human by imitating their feelings.For a depressed person the drops of water falling from the skies are the tears swelling in their hearts.rains comfort them.
for a seed buried deep in the ground,rain is the life giver or rain is its god.
For a lover rain is their companion whom they want to embrace.The falling rain drops may hurt them but love is the only pain they have.
A musician can only hear the rhythm of nature during the rains.What he hears is the symphony created by the fallen drops . for a man of dreams and who is happy she is his happy companion. she laughs with him, sharing his happiness. for a man filled with rage rain is the storm in his heart.
there is no pleasure like enjoying an ice stick in the rains.the shivers and the coldness inside out is something wonderful which no mere words can describe , only those who have done it in their life will know the beauty
of that moments.
Rains continue to fool everyone by wearing multiple masks.what we see in the rains is a mirror image of the emotions that we are going through. the fault may be in ourselves after all.we see what our mind wants us to see.
we were talking about rain, weren’t we?
She is just water falling in drops condensed from vapour in the atmosphere,nothing else.

Love : The heaven of life.

it has been inside me mind,
As if it was the kind gesture of life.
The life which we dream about,
The life of love and prayer.
The paradise, the heaven and  
the boundary of life.
Love: the heaven of life…

The love of man for god and
The love of man for gold,
All seems different but ,
The aim is the same..
The aim is,,,,
  The game of profit.

Neither love, nor love itself is,
Enough for us to thrive.
To thrive in this world,
Without hope and with despair.

Love: the heaven of life,
Will remain an oasis.
A mirage of hope , a mirage
Of prayers where,
Only profit matters but love shatters.
Love :the heaven of life…..

Feeling thoughtfully nostalgic..

When is it gonna happen again. The festival of lights(do not misunderstand it with the diwali my readers..)here in my place it is the karthika ..I was just going through some of the photos that I have took at different occasions and found one which is a favourite to me and just thought of sharing it with you… But at the same time I am wondering that till when people will really stick on to these traditions and all. It is being faded by time .. I wonder whether I will get another chance to light the lamps with my family members in my courtyard rather than staying at somewhere busy in our daily routine … Ha ha ha. Feels like everything’s coming to and end.. Our ways , our culture and everything ..I was just sitting alone  and this strange thought came to my head..ha ha. Think about the culture , your culture which us being lost just because of the reason that we do not have time to attend to anything..think ..


Land of beggars..sadness of reality.

For a beggar what is a lottery ??? Finding a penny in the waste heaps ..isn’t it.. I think it is.. For a man who is begging for mercy from the cruelty of the world , is it a penny from the waste heaps???? I don’t think so. It is an idea on which he can rely upon. A strong belief in which that person can stand until his end by the assurance that he will not fall. My mother country is lacking that same assurance which should be given to her citizens in order to face all the odds.. Here I am a beggar, u r a beggar, politicians are beggars whose condition is really pitiful,in my place even gods are beggars… Everyone begs for someone else’s actions. A place of beggars filled with crooked agendas of making others suffer. No one realizes that just like the others they are also mere beggars . begging for a better life. I wanted to write the word wanting instead of begging throughout this post but I found it too pitiful when we think about our socio-political is not to hurt anyone’s feelings but if it does I am extremely sorry . as a citizen of this country (India ) I can’t sit without writing against the nonsense which is happening around us.

Please don’t discriminate..

I used to wonder why normal ย people are getting hammered down by those who have the upper hand in the society .Be it politics, be it any other social institutions where everyone should be considered equal, even in this twenty first century we face the great odds of caste based discrimination. I was hoping on writing a post about the situations faced ie, the brutal reality faced by the people of an asian country like India . A global outlook to thus problem haven’t seen yet. These days everyone is desperately trying to settle international disputes and so called agendas are being put into effect to abolish terrorism and all. No country is thinking about the social evil of discrimination inside them. I am from India and that is why I am taking the Indian example for this situation.Discrimination in each and every tiers can be seen here. My fellow readers think about a day when all of us starts fighting each other because of som petty disputes. This high level division will mark our end one day unless we do something . I have heard a saying when I was very young that do not say or ask about a man’s caste because it is rude . In my India people are fighting each other in these days of what we call civilized ages just because of these caste . Think about this in a global level because it is time to realize that we are not flourishing but only failing to keep our values.

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